Top Hosting Ideas for An Outdoor Thanksgiving

This year, the Holidays are going to look different. Smaller gatherings, less travel, and less shopping.

With the days getting shorter and with the temperature dropping, hosting outside sounds like a difficult task.

Here are 6 tips to make your family and guests feel cozy and comfortable, and for YOU to feel prepared and equipped to host an outdoor dinner.

1. Outdoor Buffet Table

Have a designated food table with serving utensils. If you’re using a plastic folding table, have trivets ready for dishes hot out of the oven! Use chafing dishes and serving dishes with lids to keep the food warm. A cleaner way to serve the food is to have the host be the one to dish out the food. That way there is only one person touching the serving utensils. Consider grilling some food if you’re going to be hanging out outside. Make sure to provide hand sanitizer for your guests!

Outdoor Thanksgiving Dinner Decor

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2. Outdoor Dinner Table

Make the decor as simple or as festive as you want! Here is an easy Thanksgiving table setting with a plaid scarf or blanket, charger plates, and pumpkins.

3. Keep Warm!

Thanksgiving could either be sunny and warm or snowing and freezing. For a majority of us, it’s a gamble and we don’t know what kind of weather to expect! So be prepared with blankets, hand warmers, and of course, a bonfire! Tell your guests to wear layers and bring gloves! Make some hot tea, cider and whiskey, mulled wine, or coffee.  Condsider having an early Thanksgiving dinner for more daylight and warmth. 

4. Prepare For Rain or Snow

If it looks like rain in the forecast, get ready to set up a tent, umbrella, gazebo, or waterproof sun shade! If you don’t own a pop-up canopy, here are some affordable options.

Outdoor Thanksgiving Dinner Lighting

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5. Set The Mood

Hang string lights and light some candles. Even if you’re having an early dinner, the lighting will create a nice ambience. Have a bluetooth portable speaker to play music. George Winston is a family favorite at our house on Thanksgiving! Have a plan to videochat family that you can’t be with. All go around the table (and screen) and say what you are thankful for!

Outdoor Night Time Game

6. Outdoor Fun

Roast pumpkin spice flavored marshmallows and make s’mores over the bonfire! Play low contact games like a giant tic-tac-toe game with different colored pumpkins. Play a Thanksgiving Turkey bean bag toss game. Once the sun starts to set, play light up bocce ball.

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Free Friends Thanksgiving Episode Guide

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